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Objectives of the Maharashtra Fire Service Department :

The motto of Maharashtra Fire Services asserts WE SERVE TO SAVE. A translated idea of original motto in Sanskrit that is TRANAY SEVA MAHE. Based on this motto there are three priority wise objective concepts.
(A) Primary Objective: SAVING LIFE
(B) Secondary Objective: SAVE National and Public PROPERTY.
(C) Tertiary Objective: Salvage and Preservation.
(A) Primary Objective: SAVING LIFE.
This is the most essential part of Fire Service, which requires personnel to be well trained. In case of fire the SMOKE evolving from fire that is the main culprit for taking toll of life contrary to the fire itself. It is the SMOKE that kills first by asphyxiating.
Fire Service personnel are rigorously trained to withstand HOT and HUMID conditions filled with SMOKE with the help of breathing equipments and to search for casualties by following proper SEARCH PROCEDURES. Modern technology has given products like PVC, FOAM textiles and furnishings that evolve noxious smoke, which have toxic effect. They are a boon for human comforts but if catch fire they prove as instant killers. Apart from Fire Service there are disasters, building collapse, drowning rescues etc that require immediate life saving.
(B) Secondary Objective: SAVE National and Public PROPERTY
Fire Service has to keep abreast of latest technological developments in fire-fighting so as to curb and check this damage. There are different wings and training programs teaching practical fireman-ship for mitigating fire loss. Maharashtra Fire Services takes care to extinguish fire at its seat such that property does not get spoiled or damaged because of water used by the Fire Service for fire fighting.
(C) Tertiary Objective: Salvage or preservation
Humanitarian services and salvage services. Services like Ambulance service; offering First Aid helping humans in distress to safety are provided by Maharashtra Fire Services. At the fire scene a wing is busy in preserving property from fire, smoke and water due to firefighting.
Apart from above tasks, Maharashtra Fire Services also performs following tasks :
  • Render Advise in general on Fire Protection and Fire Prevention.
  • It also provides fire protection to the public during the exigencies, like communal riots, strikes, Festival, public gatherings, Large Processions etc.
  • Maharashtra Fire Service organises public education, fire prevention campaign "Agni Sachetak Yojna" for training youth.
  • Fire Service observes Fire Service Day on 14th April every year to commemorate the Fire Service Personnel who laid down their lives during public service. The message of fire prevention is carried to the public by means of demonstrations, film shows, Cultural Programs, distribution of pamphlets, Seminar and lectures. The help of mass media like films, television, Radio and newspapers plays an important role in the successful execution of FIRE PREVENTION MESSAGE. Fire Service Department also organizes lectures/ demonstrations in schools and colleges and in Places where the management requests on fire prevention. Fire prevention education plays a VITAL role in saving the lives and property of people.
  • Maharashtra Fire Services is playing a vital role in saving the lives and property of people from fire apart from discharging preliminary role. It is an exceedingly important agency, and deserves strong support from Government and Society at large.
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